Prayer Letters

I’m in “writer mode” here

Stay current… check out my letters!  If you’d like to receive them either via e-mail or snail mail, let me know (whitney[dot]chen[at]uscm[dot]org)!  Feel free to pass them along and share with others, but PLEASE let me know first!!

July 2012 update

June 2012 update

May 2012 update

Apri 2012 update

March 2012 prayer update

February 2012 prayer letter

January 2012 prayer letter

October 2011 prayer letter

Sept 2011 Prayer letter

August 2011 – update

May and June 2011 – prayer letter

April 2011 – prayer update 

March 2011 – prayer letter

Jan and Feb. 2011 Prayer Letter

Nov. 2010 – Prayer Letter

Oct. 2010 Prayer Letter

June-July-August 2010 Prayer Letter

Japan Summer Project Prayer Letter

April 2010

February and March 2010

January 2010 part 2

January 2010 part 1

November 2009

October 2009

September 2009


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