About Epic Movement

I, unfortunately, have not been gifted so well with words to accurately and completely describe all that Epic Movement is.  Like some other great movements–women’s rights, civil rights, etc.–you’ve gotta get in the thick of things before you really know what’s happening.  You’ve gotta get the E! True Hollywood stories of the people in it.  So really, this blog will be some of my sad attempt to describe Epic to you.  And since you’re already involved (you beautiful ministry partner you), if you want to get to know Epic even more, I will always recommend you coming to a conference or meeting other staff or meeting students whose lives have been drastically changed by God and are now on the move with Him too.  That will always be my primary suggestion.

Now, don’t worry when this can’t be you!  Here are some GREAT places to start understanding what Epic is all about:
The Epic Movement Website 

Epic Resources

More coming soon!

Epic’s not alone in reaching the Kingdom!  Our identity includes being a partner and advocate… so check-out other ministries too!

Destino Movement

Campus Crusade (now Cru)

More coming soon!


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