So Close You Can Almost Taste It…

I have less than $1,000/monthly left to go before I am 100%-funded and can report!  Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you so much for praying and for being part of the answer to these prayers!  I’m so grateful for you and your outstanding faith in the Lord!  WOW.  Please continue praying for that last push!  And if you know anyone who may be encouraged to hear what the Lord has called us to, I’d be honored to meet them and share about my calling with them!  Please feel free to let me know: whitney [dot] chen [at] cru [dot] org*.

Students and staff are going on summer missions trips this summer (in Epic/Cru they’re known as “Summer Projects”) all over the world!  When I directed the 2010 Japan summer project, the Lord taught me so much about His people, His love for those people, and Himself.  It’s also where He reinforced my calling to full-time campus ministry.  I just couldn’t taste a nibble of God’s glory and plan for Japan and our Epic students who served there and then do something else with my life.  Needless to say, God does a lot on these missions trips!!  Please be praying for our Epic trips to the following locations:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • East Asia**
  • Southeast Asia**
  • Tokyo, Japan

Pray that the Gospel is preached both to all the people students/staff interact with but also to themselves as they wait upon the Lord to reveal His redemptive will for their own lives too!  Please also pray for travel, physical, and spiritual safety and protection.  **Some students and staff are venturing into closed-countries where it is illegal to share the Gospel with people.  So please be extra-vigilant in keeping them in prayer!!

And since I know YOU all are such avid blog-readers and fans of yours truly’s (it’s okay if you really aren’t… I choose to believe my version 😉 ), I want to share with you a couple of blogs that will be our inside looks into these two projects:

Bro-mantic: Daniel is giving Danny a piggy-back 🙂

Daniel (above, bottom: our very-own Southwest SoCal Team intern!!) is in SF:
and Danny (above, top: a student at CSULB Epic–him and Tommy, a student at UCI Epic) is in Japan this summer:

Thank you for partnering with me!  We’re so close!!  Hope you have a GREAT summer!! (HAGS :D)

*Note: My e-mail has changed to this address… the address still works at this time, but please switch my e-mail to this address in your directories/contact lists!  Thank you!


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