“It’s time for the voice of summer”

The title of this post comes from billboards last year to promote LA Dodgers baseball (above).  The billboards were gorgeous–a photo of Dodgers announcer, Vin Scully, in his announcer booth with the ball field in the background.  Just looking at the billboard again makes me all excited for baseball AND summertime.

Now, I’m reminiscing summer memories from my childhood–going to the pool (I lived in Houston, TX until I was eleven and during Houston summers you stayed indoors or went to the pool unless you wanted to be a sweaty, itchy, unhappy mess), visiting cousins and grandparents in California, rollerblading (I’m trying to make this a reality in my adult life now, but I keep being deterred by my embarrassment from asking Sports Chalet employees where they sell rollerblades in adult sizes that aren’t for roller hockey…), avoiding fire-ant hills, not avoiding fire-ant hills, getting scolded and tended to after stepping into a fire-ant hill, watermelon…

When I think back, I don’t remember them all, but I’ve had summer adventures every year of my life.  Even the years I didn’t go on any cool vacations or go on a summer project/short-term missions trip and attended summer school or something turned out to be full of new, strange, fun, exciting, terrifying experiences.  Andevery summer has looked drastically different from the others with its own quirks and moments.

I often protest–and by protest I mean passively sigh until someone lets me complain to them–at how quickly life moves these days and how there’s so much change happening and how ministry is living in a state of constant transition.  But this past year of raising support and reflecting has me gratefully embracing that, just like my summers, it’s all an adventure.  Every day is going to look differently, simply by virtue that it isn’t the 31st anymore, it’s the 1st.  It’s not a Thursday anymore, it’s a Friday.  The Lord had me share my calling with those people yesterday and not today.

And it’s not just in this warm-months-wanderlust that I can suddenly embrace “the vast unknown.” I think it’s that the Lord is growing me in my understanding what it means for Him to give us sufficient grace (2 Cor. 12:9).  Change–unexpected or expected, pleasant or unpleasant–means unknowns, responding, risking.  When Jesus says in Matthew 6:34 to not be anxious about tomorrow, that today has “sufficient troubles,” I take it to mean that today (ourselves included) has brought us sufficient unknowns, opportunities to respond, and risks, but the Lord gives us sufficient grace for those “troubles.”  And once we’ve tasted the freedom of grace we’re able to finally take hold of the fact that we MAY fall into a fire-ant hill and it will be uncomfortable, but we will make an experience out of it and potentially laugh about it later!  And what is “adventure” but a lot of unexpected laughter at how we thought we wouldn’t make it past certain situations/risks/choices/grievances?

The “voice” of my summer will be the Lord’s.  I’m not fully-funded yet, but I’m almost there and am SO SO grateful for how this journey has brought me to you.  I’ve been learning so much from you.  You’ve been opening your arms to me and I’ve been overwhelmed by the love, faithfulness, compassion, and courage you each possess.  So I’m following in Paul’s constant footsteps, in yours, as we go out and listen for and see all the Lord’s going to share with/show us.  🙂  Thank you for your partnership!

AND as a bonus for reading this madness… here’s this month’s prayer newsletter!! 😀
May 2012 update


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