My Love Letter to Women

Jill and Mary (middle & right, respectively), just TWO of the MANY amazing women I’ve met through Epic 🙂

I’m so grateful for the women in my life.  There are many… so many who’ve left an impact.  But one of the things I’m especially grateful for in Epic, is how it platforms women and how there is much exposure to how awesome REAL women can be.  

Okay, not that the men in Epic aren’t cool or anything.  There are many amazing men as well, but I will not write love letters to them–ew.  

So this is my love letter to so many women I’ve met in and through Epic Movement… please forgive me for the mushy/rambly-ness!

Dear Princesses of Strength, Beauty, and Wisdom,

Thank you.  If that’s the only thing I could ever clearly muster in this post, it is the first thing.  Oh, and this next thing too: I love you.  And this: you’re amazing!

I’ve been moved and shaken to my very core by your beings.  You accomplish so much–graduate degrees, international missions, blogs/articles, books, marriage, babies, screenwriting, deep friendships, conferences, sermons, speaking gigs, decor, and SO much more… while looking AMAZING!  I’m so blown away by all you do.  But I’m even more amazed at your sense of voice, your pursuit to follow Jesus for yourself, your loyalty to the things that are you.

You’ve taught me to follow in your stead.  Though I know you’ve faced and carried much pressure in your lives, the fact that you have followers (both Twitter and non) hopefully doesn’t bring you much more.  I’ve seen you let Jesus move despite yourselves.  I’ve seen you laugh at your own desire to control.  I’ve seen you cry when receiving pressure from places you hoped to receive encouragement, grace, and safety.  And as you’ve grieved and grown and laughed, the Lord has lifted you.  And this has brought me MUCH comfort in difficult times.  The Lord lifts us.

Please continue to fight for your relationship with the Lord!  Please continue to allow yourself to feel and be.  Please continue to reach and push boundaries and stretch as far as you want.  Please let the Lord remind you what a glorious and delightful daughter you are to Him… without you having to do/earn anything.  🙂

With love overwhelming,



One thought on “My Love Letter to Women

  1. Dear Whitney,

    This letter is so sweet. Thank you. You are an amazing sister! I am grateful for the ways you’ve encouraged me and others. I pray that you continue to embrace the awesome person you are. And yes, YES you are!

    I love you too.

    Fighting with you 🙂
    Mojo ❤

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